Watford Rec. Hockey: Rules

Payments Hockey 2019-2020 League Fee Payments:  1.  First Payment, half of the money is due the 4th week of the season.  2.  Second Payment 2nd half is due the 7th week of the season.  3.  Late payments will result in 1 point reduction per Sunday missed.

Regular Season Games:  1.  Three 15 min. periods, No-Stop Time.  2.  A 3 min. warm up.  3.  The last 2 min. of each period will be stop time.  Except the third period if the spread is more than 3 goals.  4.  If a goaltender is injured, 15 min. will be allowed to dress another goaltender.  5.  Quick Line Changes at Referees discretion.  6.  To Break a Tie in the Standings:  1.  Head to Head.  2.  Wins.  3.  Goals For.  4.  Goals Against.  5.  Goals For head to head.  6.  Lowest penalty minutes.

Playoff Games:  1.  The same game format as regular season.  2.  Games must be determined.  3.  If tied in Round Robin, then a 3 man shoot out, then a one man shoot out, each player may only shoot once.  4.  If tied in semi-finals, 10 minute sudden victory, if still tied then, see number 3.  5.  Finals will be 10 minute sudden victory (last 2 minute stoppage) until someone wins.  6.  A Shoot Out win is 2 points and, a loss is 1 point.  7.  Shoot Out, if one team has gone through all players and, goes back to the top, the opposing team can also start back from the top.

Playoffs:  1.  Each player must have played 5 games in the regular season to be eligible to play in the Playoffs.  2.  If a player is injured, the missed games will count towards the 5 games.  But the injury must be reported to the League Convenor when the injury occurs.  3.  The top four teams in regular season are in the "A" Division.  4.  The bottom four teams are in the "B" Division.  5.  Each team plays all other teams in their division once in a round robin style tournament.  6.  The top team advances to the final game.  To Break a Tie in the Standings:  1.  Head to Head.  2.  Wins.  3.  Goals For.  4.  Goals Against.  5.  Goals For head to  head.  6.  Lowest penalty minutes.

Forfeit:  1.  The forfeiting team gets 0 goals and the other team wins by 3 goals, in both regular season and, playoffs.  2.  If a team has less than 5 players and 1 goaltender, the game is forfeited.  3.  If a team informs the league convenor that they will not be able to get enough players to a game, five days in advance.  The game can be rescheduled if there is time available.  At a cost to the forfeiting team.

Penalties:  1.  For a minor infraction the player serves 3 min.  2.  For a major infraction the player serves 7 min.  3.  Any three penalties and the player is ejected from the game.  4.  The clock will be stopped for Penalty Shots.  5.  All penalty lengths are the same whether it is stopped time or not.

Players List:  1.  Each team must supply a player's list at the start of the season.  With no more than 23 players and 2 goaltenders.  2.  All rosters must be finalized by Dec. 31.  3.  Before the start of the game inform the scorekeeper of any new players playing in that game.  4.  Players must wear the same number for the whole season.  5.  No carded players may play in this league as of the start of the 2006-2007 season.  6.  If a team's regular goalie is absent, that team can use any other goalie within the leagues roster (any team).  7.  Anyone ejected from another league will not be allowed to join this league.  8.  All players must be 18 years of age or older to play.  9.  Game sheets will be completed and signed by a referee for every game  Officiating:  All games will be refereed according to the Hockey Canada Rulebook with the following exceptions:  1.  Body checking and excessive body contact is prohibited.  2.  Approved helmets are mandatory at all games; if helmet is removed and the player becomes involved in play they will receive a minor penalty.  3.  No Red Line.

Fighting and Suspensions:  Fighting and Suspensions:  1.  1st Major penalty for fighting, $25 Fine and 3 game suspension.  2.  2nd Major penalty for fighting is $50 Fine and 6 game suspension.  3.  3rd Major penalty for fighting is expulsion from the league!!  If a player goes two full years without a fight (prior to the expulsion) then one fighting major will be removed from his record.  4.  Suspensions will carry over to the next season.  5.  A player returning to play before the expiration of his suspension will result in 3 more games and, a $50 Fine.  6.  Any player Physically or Verbally abusing the Referee's (including intentionally shooting the puck) will be suspended at the referee's discretion and fined $25 per game suspended.  7.  At a referee's discretion, if a player is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol he will be ejected from the game.  8.  All decisions made by the referee will be supported by the Convenor and team reps.  However, a player will be given a chance to plead his case to the League by e-mail.  All e-mails will be forwarded to all team reps.  9.  The team reps are responsible for collecting fines.  10.  In order for a motion to be passed at a meeting if must have at least 50% of the teams.  11.  The suspended player must pay the full fine before returning, or fine will double.