Etobicoke Rangers in the MLB
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There are several people associated with the Etobicoke Rangers who played in the Major Leagues, played in the Minor Leagues or who are currently in the Major Leagues. These include:

Joey Votto  1B (Cincinnati Reds)

Shawn Hill  RHP  (Montreal Expos, Washington Nationals, San Diego Padres and currently Toronto Blue Jays)

Greg O'Halloran  C (Florida Marlins)

Steve Breitner LHP  (Detroit Tigers) (Coach of present day Junior (19-21) and Senior Ranger teams (22 and over))

Denny Berni  C (Boston Red Sox) (Coach of present day 18 and 16 and under Ranger teams)

Brad Evaschuck  RHP (Toronto Blue Jays)

Warren Sawkiw  INF (Detroit Tigers)

John Suomi  C  (Oakland Athletics, Kansas City Royals, Philadelphia Phillies)

Michael O'Halloran  RHP (Toronto Blue Jays)

In addition, the following two scouts were associated with the Etobicoke Rangers:

Bob Smyth (Seattle Mariners) former head of the Etobicoke Indians/Rangers Baseball Clubs. Formed the Toronto Hawks elite Baseball team.

Ric Fleury previous scout with the Toronto Blue Jays. Ric is currently the 3rd base coach for the Ranger Junior team.

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