The following are effective as of March 29, 2004
Please bring your untaped hockey stick, full face shield hockey mask, hockey gloves, and optional items such as covered shin pads, and knee pads are good to have as well. You may want to bring some practice balls for warm up before the game. As for jerseys, normally I have a get together a week before to give them out, but with starting earlier, we'll be giving the shirts out on the first night, so it will be a good idea to arrive early, to get your numbers noted down for your points and such.

Please remember that we are a fun league, we have to work the next day and that we are coming out to enjoy ourselves. We wanted to make note of a couple of points before we start the season:

1. We are here for some good fun and exercise and we all have things to do after each game, so please remember this we are not getting paid to play, so …come out, play hard and enjoy; Any unsportsmanlike conduct WILL NOT be tolerated and the player will be asked to leave the league without refund.

2. In order to make our league successful and fun, we reserve the right to balance out the teams within the 1st three weeks. We hope to have picked fairly even teams, but we may need to fine tune them to make the teams even, don’t take it personal, it is in the interest of fair play.

3. For the veterans of the game, please take the rookie players under your wing and guide them along the way so we can all enjoy the season.

4. The game is called by the refs. Once the game sheet is signed, the goals, assists and points awarded will stand as signed by the refs.

5. The only substitution allowed will be in the event that a goalie cannot make a game, then another goalie or someone else in the league that has offered to play goal may be asked to play. No other subs will be permitted. In the finals, your team must not have a pick up goalie unless it is the team w/o the goalie and has been discussed head of time with the league. A defaulted game will be called when a team has less than 6 players at the drop of the ball at the beginning of the 6:45, 7:30, 8:15 or 9:00 games.

6. Remember ladies not to forget the required equipment: all face masks MUST cover the FULL face right down to your chin, you need proper HOCKEY gloves and approved hockey stick. Also, NO JEWELERY rule is enforced in this league. Games will start ON Time, Default called after 5 minutes. All “hard plastic” equipment i.e. Shin guards or knee pads MUST be covered to protect the other players.

7. Please note!!!! Everyone here has paid the exact same fee to play, so when you are on the floor remember that you are a team and that you all deserve the same playing time, don’t forget to get off the floor and give others a chance.

8. If for any reason the arena time is cancelled each team will receive a tie. Should a game have to be ended before the first half is completed for some unforeseen circumstance (leaky roof/no power, etc etc), the game will be given a tie. If however, the game has gone into the second half and the game is called by the ref, the outcome will be whatever the score is at the time that the game is called.

9. If you do not make 3 consecutive games without letting your team rep know, let it be known that your spot will be filled without notice or without refund!!

10. If you cannot make your game, please call your team rep to let them know. In advance I’d like to thank Andrea Ireland for keeping the stats and website information up to date, any concerns speak to Andrea.

11. As brought up in the past, if you wish to drink before your game, don’t bother playing, there is zero tolerance. Please wait until after the game. If the ref is notified of a player that has been drinking he will ask you to leave the bench.

12. For any concerns with calls, please speak to the ref.

13. Just to note also, if there is a tie in the final standings of the regular season , they will be settled as follows:

• Head to head record between teams in regular season;

• Goals for and against? between tied teams in games played together; and

• Plus/minus goals in? regular season.

Call Donna at 905.840.0415 for more information, or contact me at

Thanks Donna