Saturday, July 24th, 2021
   Irish American Ice Hockey Classic: Boston:Board Of Directors

These proud Irish Americans and Irish Canadians have donated their time and resources to make the Irish American Hockey Association a reality. Through the Herculean efforts of those noted below, the IAIHA was formed and brought to fruition. With the recent opening of the first ice hockey rink in the Republic of Ireland, we are dedicated to raising awareness that ice hockey has arrived in Ireland.

The Irish American Hockey Association is working closely with the Dundalk Bulls Youth Hockey Association in Ireland through its outreach program and stand ready to assist any youth hockey group in Ireland in any manner possible. Many thanks to Aiedamar Sally of the Dundalk Bulls and others for the incredible work they are doing to make youth hockey a reality in Ireland.

If you have a certain skill you'd be willing to assist the IAIHA with to help further the cause, please contact us at: and we'd love to open up dialog to that means.

Board of Advisors:

Bob Sweeney: Retired NHL Player, Director of Development, Boston Bruins Charitable Foundation, Boston, MA
Trooper Jackie Flynn:.Massachusetts State Police,Boston, MA

James Murphy:; ESPN Radio, Montreal and, XM Radio
The Honorable Nick Collins: State Representative, South Boston

Trooper David O'Leary:. Massachusetts State Police, Boston, MA
Honorable Steven M. Walsh: State Representative, Lynn, MA
David Balfour: Former DCR Director, Boston, MA

Tom Coffey: Massachusetts State Police......USA
Tom McGrath:South Boston Youth Hockey, Boston, MA

Mary O'Grady: IAIHA VP Media Relations
Billy Fairweather: WTKK Radio Boston, "The Greatest Bar" Boston
Sean Starr: ESPN Radio.........Montreal , CANADA
Kevin Benedix: Gale International, Boston, MA
Dean Stock: St. Lazarre, Canada, Retired AHL Player
Dan McLaughlin: Thomas P. O"Neill & Associates,Boston, MA
Paul Collins: NYPRO USA

Freddy Ahern: Former NHL Great, South Boston, MA
Tom Casey: Sixmilebridge, County Clare, Ireland

Scott Thornton: Dollard, QC, Canada
Kevin Kelley: ST. Cloud, Minnesota
Michael O'Grady: Eden Prarie, Minnesota
John Breen: Town Manager, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

Bob Taggart: Colorado Thunderbirds, Denver, Colorado
Andy Heinze: Coach, GM Valley Junior Warriors......USA
Jamie Roche: Former Hockey Coach Hebron Academy, Professor,Canada
Fred Devereaux: NHL Scout, Calgary Flames
Kevin Cusack: Droichead Nua, Ireland
Patrick McCafferty: Castlebar Ireland,Editor..
Mike Cusack: USA
KellyAnn McCafferty: USA,Editor
Michael O'Leary: Town Clerk, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
Liam O'Malley: Westport, Ireland
Brian McGrath: Chicago Heights, IL

Elaine Glynn: MediaOne Communications
Alan Sullivan:,USA