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   City Centre Park Mixed Slopitch League: Co-ed Slo-Pitch League Rules

Spring Cost per Team - $925.00 - $250 deposit required with $150 bond
Fall Season Cost per Team - $750 - $250 deposit required with $150 bond

Team Costs

  1. Secure a spot with $250 Deposit due Aug. 4th, 2021 with remaining due Aug. 14th, 2021 – there will be a late fee of $50.00 for payments received after this date
  2. All teams get 8 regular season games and at least 1 playoff games.
  3. Teams must start with $150 in their bond and always have a balance of at least $75.If the balance falls below $75, the team must top it up to $150 to remain eligible for the season.
  4. All forfeits (no shows, illegal players/equipment, no game balls) are a loss of $75.Funds go to the charity of the opposing team's choice (must be a registered charity).
  5. Players can play in two Divisions but must let League Organizer know.  Players cannot play on two teams in same division, also you can only play one division down (example: If you play in "B" Division you could also play in "C" division but not in "D" division) Email:
  6. Any team leaving behind a mess in the dugout will be fined $50, with the funds going to SportAssist charity.
  7. The bond (or whatever remains) is refunded back to the teams at the end of the season or held for following season at request of team captain.
  8. Please remember to have fun.

Roster Rules

  1. CCPSL is a registered member and follows the rules and regulations of Slo-Pitch National. Go to for PDF rule book.
  2. A completed roster with player names and emails is due registered online before August 14th 2021
  3. Last chance to make changes to the roster is August 31st, 2021
  4. Only players who are on the roster are eligible for the playoffs
  5. Any team using an illegal player will be charged with a forfeit and possible suspension for the Team Captain

Equipment Rules

  1. SHOES: No metal spikes are allowed. The player is automatically ejected from the game.
  2. BATS: As per SPN / ASA rules; see list of illegal bats; Titanium and multi-walled bats are illegal. Hardball bats are illegal. (as per SPN Rules)
  3. BALLS:  Game balls will be supplied by both Teams. Each team will supply 2 balls. If a team fails to provide a proper game ball, they will forfeit the game. The official ball is a Worth “Gray Dot” (As per SPN rules)
  4. HELMETS:  Mandatory for all players.

Game Rules

  1. Play - Rain or shine unless called for Reasons of safety by League Organizer
  2. COED LINEUP: 6M + 4F: Minimum nine (9) players to take the field. Maximum ten (10) players in the field at any one time.(if a team has less than 9 players, or less than 3 girls, they forfeit)
  3. BATTING ORDER: Ten (10) player batting order, If playing with nine (9) players, there is an AUTOMATIC OUT. You may only bat two males in a row twice (unless separated by an automatic out).  If eleven (11) players bat, (Eleventh (11th) batter can only be a female player).  If twelve (12) players bat, (you can use one male and one female batter)
  4. WALKS: if a male batter is walked with a female batter (or an automatic out for a female batter) following, then the male batter is awarded first and second base.
  5. SUBSTITUTIONS: Standard re-entry applies (as per SPN Rules) - Players may be pulled from the line-up and re-entered back in the same spot in the batting order.
  6. COURTESY RUNNERS: Each team will be permitted unlimited courtesy runners per game. They must be reported to the Umpire. Coed: Courtesy runner must be male for male, female for female or female for male.
  7. GAME LENGTH: All games will be SEVEN (7) innings. Home team does not bat in the bottom of the 7th inning if ahead. Four (4) innings required for complete game. (3-1/2 innings if home team is ahead). Once an inning starts, it must be completed (unless called for reasons of safety).
  8. TIME LIMIT: One hour and 15 minutes. No time limit in Finals.
  9. A GRACE PERIOD of five (5) minutes (umpires time & discretion) will be allowed from the official game start time. The grace time will be deducted from the game time.
  10. MERCY RULE: A maximum of five (5) runs per inning, except for the last inning which will be declared open by the umpire. All games will go seven (7) innings (time permitting) but there is a maximum of plus ten (+10) run differential for final results.
  11. DEFAULT SCORE: Default score (in the event of a forfeit) is 10-0
  12. INTERNATIONAL TIE BREAKER RULE:  To start the inning the last batter from the previous inning is placed on 2nd base and they start the inning with 1 Out. It is not sudden death. Each team has an opportunity to bat each inning. The game ends when one team is ahead at the end of an inning.
  13. SEEDING TIE BREAKER: For two or more teams with the same Win/Loss record:-a. record against each other; -b. best run differential (plus/minus), all games; -c. best run differential excluding non-tied teams; -d. least runs allowed, excluding non-tied teams; -e. flip a coin

Field Rules

  1. COMMITMENT LINE: Twenty (20) feet from home plate. Base runner must continue once one foot is over (and on the ground) past the Commitment Line. (as per SPN Rules)
  2. SAFE LINE: Safe Line at home plate must be crossed (a portion of the foot over the line and on the ground). Force out at home plate. (As per SPN Rules).
  3. SLIDING: Sliding (head or feet first) is allowed at 2nd and 3rd base, but not at 1st or home.
  4. OUT OF BOUNDS: Play is dead if the ball or a player's feet (with possession of the ball) cross the Out of Bounds line - All runners advance 1 base
  5. CATCH AND CARRY: If a ball is caught in fair or foul territory then carried into the OUT OF BOUNDS, the batter is declared out but any runners on base will advance one bag
  6. BACKSTOP: A backstop is in play up to the concrete wall behind home plate
  7. LINES: Clarify the proper lines with your ump before the game
  8. Home Run Rule: When a team hits a home run, they cannot hit another one until the opposing team hits one, the rule is called catch up plus 1. This rule does not apply to Females they can hit a home run at any time.
  9. If you hit left of the 2nd light pole in Centre Field it does not count towards your one up. Still counts as a home run.

Conduct Rules

  1. ALCOHOL: The consumption of alcohol is not permitted in city parks unless in authorized areas i.e. Beer Gardens
  2. There is NO SMOKING allowed on the field, player will be ejected and Team could be fined
  3. NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS, GUM, CHEWING TOBACCO ON THE TURF FIELDS, player will be ejected and Team could be fined
  4. MINORS: Please keep all kids off the field as it is far too dangerous with unexpected foul balls. They can play at the far end of the field, but need to stay off the playing surface close to the action.
  5. PACK IN PACK OUT - All dugouts must be left clean. Any team leaving behind garbage or pop cans will be fined (from their Good Behaviour Bond)


Team Captains will be added to the SPN Website as contact for the team.  Captains will receive an email from SPN to log in and are responsible for entering each team member to the site with the team members email.  Each team member will then receive and email to log in and “Sign” the waiver.  If this is not done, team members are not insured through SPN in case of any accidents.


All rules and/or principals not specifically addressed in the following rules and

amendments will be specified in the current Slo-Pitch National Softball Inc. Rulebook