Light the Lamp Hockey - Simsbury League: Rules

Team Jerseys

If there is a conflict between two teams wearing similar colored jerseys, the captains of each team will decide prior to warm-ups which team will change jersey color.



Each team will be permitted one 30 second time out per game.



Icing will be initiated from the defending blue line

Hybrid icing will be called for all games.  (Excerpt from NCAA 2015 Rulebook Below)



Faceoff Locations

Following a penalty the faceoff will be located in the offending team’s defensive zone.

Faceoffs will only occur at any of the nine (9) faceoff spots.


Game Length / Time Keeping

Games will be three (3) fifteen (15) minute periods of stop time. Between periods teams will be given a chance to rest and strategize. At the referee(s) signal the next period will begin.


If during any period the goal differential reaches eight (8) or more, the clock will run continuously. Any time the goal differential becomes less than eight the game time will revert back to stop time.


At the referee(s) discretion the clock will run if a player refuses to leave the ice and/or bench area after a game misconduct / ejection from a game.



If a team cannot field an adequate number of players (5 players and a goalie or 6 players) for their scheduled game that team’s captain must notify Light the Lamp Hockey LLC and the opposing team’s captain not less than six (6) hours prior to the scheduled game time.


A team which forfeits is required to pay the full cost for the ice, referee(s) and score keeper of the forfeited game.  If the opposing team chooses to use the ice the regular fee schedule will apply.  Forfeited games will be scored 1-0 in favor of the non-forfeiting team.  If players choose to use the ice during forfeiture, referee(s) will not be present.



Regular Season

A best 3 shootout will be completed should the score be tied at the end of regulation.  If the score remains tied a sudden death format shootout will continue until a winner has been determined. The home team will determine whether they go first or second.



One five minute overtime period will be played under regular season rules.  If the score remains tied after the overtime period a best of 3 shootout will determine the game as described above.


Players cannot repeat until all eligible players have tried.

Players serving penalties are not eligible to participate in the shootout.



All penalties are subject to single or multigame suspension at the discretion of the League after review with On-Ice Officials, Team Captains and Offending Player(s).  League fees are not subject to refund should a player be suspended due to penalty.


Body Checking

Anyone penalized for Body Checking will be assessed a 5 minute major penalty and game misconduct.

If an injury is caused as a result of the Body Check the penalized player will be suspended no less than the number of games missed by the injured player.

(A player must be in placed the penalty box prior to the termination of the penalty.  If no player is in the penalty box at the termination of the penalty immediate substitution cannot come from the team bench.)



Anyone penalized for Fighting will be assessed a 5 minute major penalty and game misconduct. 


Multiple Penalty Game

A game misconduct penalty will be assessed to any player who receives 3 penalties within the same game.  If a player has two games within the same session in which they are assessed a game misconduct for 3 penalties will be suspended from their team’s next 3 regularly scheduled games.


If a player has a third game in which they are assessed a game misconduct penalty for 3 penalties within the same game, that player will be suspended from all remaining games of that session.   League fees are not subject to refund should a player be suspended due to penalty.

CapPun 12 10 2 0 20
Dog House 11 8 3 0 16
The Whale 12 6 4 1 13
Rangers 11 6 5 0 12
Bulldogs 12 3 8 1 7
O Bar 12 2 10 0 4