Enfield Twin Rinks Adult Hockey League: Sweater Colors

Team Sweater Colors

"Gary Dineen" Teams Sweater Color
Baiters Black with Purple
Chicago Sam's Red  
D.A. Drywall Blue with white
Allied Dante Orange with Blue
Gladiators Green
"B" Teams Sweater Color
Blades Blue with Red and White
Beer Green Cameo
Chiefs Blue or White  
Dave's Automachine Turquoise
G & H Property Maintenance Grey
Zambronies Black
"Upper C" Teams Sweater Color
Brewins Gold with Brown
Crushers Grey
Feeding Hills Phantoms Orange with Brown
Grassmere Country Club Green
Lot Kings Purple with Yellow alt Orange
Night Wood Black with Yellow
Oliver Autobody Black with Red and White trim
"Lower C" Teams Sweater Color
Bandits Orange
Benders Teal with Black & white Stripes
Learn To Skate C Yellow
Learn To Skate D  
Mastodons Light Blue with Gray & Black
Young Bucks Dark Green
Renegades Gray with Blue trim