Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association: Board of Directors
President Alison Sweeten 250-744-3597 -  - SEND
1st Vice President Jen Van Dyk 250-701-0770 -  - SEND
2nd Vice President Cheryl McCreary 250-479-0909 -  - SEND
Treasurer Teresa Wong - -  - SEND
Director of Communications Liz Munn 250-595-5400 -  - SEND
Director of Events Anne-Marie Fuller - -  - SEND
Director of Membership Denise Hall 250-595-8686 -  - SEND
Director of Operations Pat Hall 250-389-0223 -  - SEND
Director of RTC Vacant - - -  - ---
Secretary Theresa Kennedy 250-896-7210 -  - SEND

Notes and Minutes:
2008 Spring General Meeting Minutes (unadopted) (added May 27, 2008)

Olympic Qualifier Presentation – (30 mins) Ian Batey Milena Gaiga, Ross Stewart $315,000 – sell out of the tournament , 32,900 – only 10% of ticket sales as of today. Everyone is an ambassador for this tournament. Legacy Fund – score clock and covered team benches.. Opening Ceremony on April 24th at Butchart Gardens.

Fall AGM Minutes - Motion: Carrie Trumpy 2nd: Sara Brant

Executive Reports: President’s Report: Qualifier, 50th Anniversary, no time for extra games/make up games, thanks the executive. Moved by Cheryl Mc Creary, 2nd – Cara Jay

1st VP – No Report 2nd VP – No Report

Director of Operations – no written report from Pat Hall, too many defaults this season, the playoffs went fine, apologies to Stellars and Pirates for no Umpires, nice benches here at Uvic., less teams now than 15 years ago. Schedule for the Master’s is out. April 19th – Women in Sport Celebration dinner. Moved by Pat Hall, 2nd by Arlene Baker

Director of Communications – everything is on website - no report

Director of Membership – game card discussion with #’s on uniforms. Moved by Denise Hall 2nd by Cara Jay

Director of Events – April 26th Windsor Park Pavillion 6pm – Sharon White has made a power point – teams should be encouraged to set up your own team archives. Shelley is organizing the catering. Cook’s Day Off is catering. Moved by Denise McGeachy 2nd Denise Hall

Financial Statements by Arlene Baker - some bills owing from field rentals and umpires. See Statement to Date April 7, 2008- rough estimate to leave $5-6000 in the bank account.. Liability insurance is a big issue. Arlene Baker moves to sponsor the Olympic Qualifier for $2500 2nd Tracy Nguyen- Motion Carried. Approach FH Victoria about manning the registration table in Marketplace. Motion to accept financial statement – Arlene Baker 2nd – Cheryl McCreary

ANNOUNCEMENT OF HONOURARY MEMBERS - David Auld, Lee Blow, Joan Wright, Marg Luff, et al have been invited to the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Announcement of Awards -


1st Div- Patriots

2nd Div – Demons

3rd – Stellars

Playoffs -

1st – Mariners

2nd – Demons

3rd- Stellars

Discussion of Membership Fees for the Ensuing Year- turf fees up 3% from $64.71 Umpires will increase by $2 per person. – Member Fees - possible $1800 per team max. No big jumps in fees seen except for the turf.

Discussion of the FORMAT of the Following Season Schedule More games in next season- not all teams played all games. Crossover?! – Possible 2nd Div All star team?- every second Wednesday Proposals forthcoming in the summer.

Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations – nothing to add.

Election of the Executive:

President – Alison Sweeten

1st Vice-President – Jen Van Dyk -

2nd Vice-President – Cheryl McCreary

Director of Operations – Pat Hall

Director of Communications – Liz Munn

Director of Membership - Denise Hall

Director of Events - AMF

Treasurer - Arlene

Secretary – Theresa Kennedy

Moved to Adjourn – Shannon Petrovic, 2nd Kate Knappett

May 26- NCI at 7pm – Next Executive Meeting