Saskatchewan Premier Ball Hockey League
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Good day

I'd like to tell you about the Saskatchewan Premier Ball Hockey League.

The Premier League is a competitive adult Ball Hockey league with 4 teams (for now). We had a successful inaugural season in 2021 and now we're looking to grow and attract new players!

The main bullet points are:

UNIQUE SCHEDULE - The Premier League has just a short 6 game regular season and they are played in May, June, July. The entire season including playoffs happens over 3 separate Gameday, followed by Championship Weekend which is played over 2 days. Each team plays 2 games per Gameday. The reason for this scheduling format is to allow us to truly attract the best players in Saskatchewan. Every player drives to the same location at the same time to play for their respective teams who drafted them.



MAY 14 @ Warman Legends Centre 

JUNE 4 or 11 @  TBD arena in Regina

JUNE 25 @ Warman Legends Centre

JULY 16, 17 @ Merlis Belsher Arena



January 3 @ 7:00pm

January 11@ 8:30pm

January 17 @ 7:00pm

February8 @ 7:45pm

*All Showcase games are at Renk Ruys Soccer Centre in Saskatoon


This is a Draft League with player contracts. Not everyone makes it. You register as an individual and hopefully get drafted on Draft Day. Showcase Games are when teams do their scouting and start to prepare for the draft in April.

If you are interested in playing regular league Ball Hockey, maybe you would like to enter a team with your friends or your senior team wants to put a ball hockey team in, you can do that with Sask Ball Hockey (SBHL). The Premier League is a proud partner of the SBHL and in fact all Premier League players must be registered SBHL as well.

We believe that the Showcase Games coming up in January are a great way for hockey players like yourselves to try out competitive Ball Hockey and see if you like it. Who knows, maybe you're really good at it!

Showcase Games are $25 for 1 game or $45 if you want to play in 2 games.

To register for a Showcase Game please send E-Transfer to and put in the comments which date(s) you are signing up for.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see some of you on the floor soon!


Justin D'Entremont

Commissioner and Co-Founder 

Saskatchewan Premier Ball Hockey League

Find us on Facebook saskpremierballhockey

Note: a PDF full of info can be found under the "Links" page

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(12/10/2021) Saskatchewan Premier Ball Hockey League
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Saturday, January 29th at 8:00PM
Kindersley Sr Klippers vs. Wilkie Outlaws

Saturday, January 29th at 8:00PM
Macklin Mohawks vs. Hafford Hawks

Saturday, January 29th at 8:00PM
Kerrobert Tigers vs. Edam 3 Stars

Sunday, January 23rd
Kerrobert Tigers 1 vs. Biggar Nationals 5
Box Score

Saturday, January 22nd
Macklin Mohawks 7 vs. Kerrobert Tigers 1
Box Score

Saturday, January 22nd
Unity Miners 3 vs. Hafford Hawks 8
Box Score

Outlaws 13 10 1 2 22
Klippers 12 9 3 0 18
Mohawks 12 9 3 0 18
Stars 13 9 4 0 18
Hawks 13 8 5 0 16
Miners 13 3 8 2 8
Nationals 13 2 9 2 6
Tigers 13 1 11 1 3