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2014 Highlights
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Very sad news: former BASL outfielder Martin Josefski died this Pres. Day weekend of an apparent heart attack.

The Cardinals have left the league. They joined in 1999 as Johnney's Fish Grill, Playing in 1 Finals a few years back.

Radio Free has left the league after a 30+-year history. They had won 13 BASL championships under their old name, Contact Hitters.

Alex Goldman (Radio Free) is being featured on the Bravo reality TV show "Friends to Lovers," which premiered on December 15th.

Radio Free informed me that Manager Pat Freni has retired from the Big Apple League. He first joined the league with the Contact Hitters as catcher + field captain. They won their division that year. Contact reached the BASL Finals in 1984 and first won in 1988. Pat played on 9 BASL champions with Contact in 11 years, including an unprecedented 6 in a row from 1993-98. Pat was voted BASL all-star catcher many times during that period. Contact went on hiatus from 2000-02 during which time Pat played for the Rangers. When Contact reassembled in 2003, Pat was the new manager. He led them to 5 straight division titles from 2004-08 and 3 consecutive BASL championships in '04-'05-'06. He continued to manage the squad through this season (the team was known as Luckey's Famous Burgers for a few years and more recently as Radio Free NY). He also got them to the BASL Finals in '07, '08 and '13. Pat won several BASL Manager of the Year Awards and has been a respected member of the Commissioner's Committee. In all, Pat has played on 12 BASL champions, 17 BASL Finalists and 12 division winners. He is leaving behind a legacy that will be hard to match. Best of Luck, Pat---you deserve it.

Charity Softball tournament will NOT take place on this Saturday September 20th benefiting the "Cancer Research Institute" Instead it is now on SAT. SEPT. 27. "CRI"Fuck Cancer - It has to be stopped and this this Charity is Awesome. While this is a competitive softball event, but you don't have to be in the game to make an Impact against Cancer. Ricky is asking for some Charity support/love, anything that you or your organization (my job donated money - mad cool) can do is greatly appreciated, no stress no worries, good looking out, and thank you.fundraising pages are directly on CRI site• on Facebook for CRI (same thing) at links are fast and easy to donate on.R. Ronda blog, Softballinsider.NetSoftballinsider.Net, details the Event twice on the following posts: Donations are made directly to the *Cancer Research Institute;

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