White Mud Hockey League: Notice Board
January 28, 2023
Tiebreaking Procedure
Per the WMHL Constitution, in the event of a tie in the league standings, the league will follow the Hockey Sask tie-breaking procedures which is outlined in 3.08.01 of the Handbook. This states:
If two teams are tied:
i) Best win record in games played between tied teams
ii) If still tied, the team with the best win record.
iii) If still tied, then the team with the best goal average gains the higher position. The goal average of a team is to be determined in the following manner:  
      Total number of goals for divided by the total number of goals for and against.  NOTE: All games are included. NOTE: A maximum of a seven (7) goal difference per game will be used in the calculation of the ratio, which is to be calculated from the actual "goals for" of the losing team in the particular game.
iv) If still tied, refer to the Handbook for the remaining tie breaking procedures.
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