The following are effective as of July 13, 2007
RegistrationBP>The Cambie Basketball League runs two seasons. The Spring/Summer Season runs from April-July and the Fall/Winter Season runs from September-February.

All team captains are required to submit a non-refundable deposit ($200) to secure their spot in the Cambie Basketball League. The balance of the registration fees must be paid in full prior to tip-off of the first game. Failure to pay the balance in full on the first day of games will result in the game being classified as a default and a late charge fine. League StructureBP>Games are two 24 minute halves running time. If games start late due to players not showing up on time, time will be shaved off of the game time.

Teams must have 4 players to begin a game but a technical foul be charged at the start. If 5 players have not arrived by the end of the first half the scheduled game time the defaulting team will receive a loss listed in the standings as 75-0 and charged a penalty of $100 that must be paid before their next game. A second forfeit is a $100 fine and may result in a disqualification from playoffs.

Each team will get a 5-8 minute warm-up and a 3 minute half-time break. Each team is allocated two time-outs per half, which can be used at any time. No carry overs.

Stop time will be in effect for the last three minutes if the game is within 10 points and in the last minute of the first half on fouls only. This is so you cannot foul to end the half with and have the clock running out. Overtime periods are 3 minutes with the last minute being stop time. Each team will get 1 time-out for overtime. There are no timeouts if the game goes into double overtime or more.

Playoffs will be a regular 8-team bracket-style tournament based on regular season ranking.

Playoff games will be 24-minute halves with stop-time on free throws for finals only. Each team will get 2 time-outs per half for playoff games. Note: time-outs do not carry over from the first half.

Team Rosters & Playoff EligibilityB>

Team rosters must be finalized by the beginning of the 7th game. Only eligible players can play after the roster deadline.

Exceptions can be made to have an import brought in for the extreme case of players being sick or injured. Imports are only allowed to play if the following conditions are met: (1) the import player is the 5th player, (2) the import player is not currently playing on a team, and (3) the import player is agreed upon by the opposing team captain. This must be approved by the League Coordinator and the opposing team captain prior to the game start. 24 hours notice is required.

Players must play in exactly 4 of the regular season games to be eligible for playoffs. For the 10 game spring season, this is 4 of the 10 regular season games. DefaultsBP>A default counts as 0 points and is equivalent to a double loss. If a team is to default a second time, they will be expelled from the league with no pro-rated refund. No exceptions.

In situations where a game was a default, the team that showed up can add an extra game for every player on their team. This adjustment will be made on the website immediately prior to playoffs. FoulsB>

A player is allowed a maximum of 5 fouls. 8 team fouls in a half leads to a bonus situation situation.

Hanging on the rim during the game or warm-ups will result in a technical foul which will involve two shots by the opposing team and possession of the ball.

Technical fouls and flagrant fouls will be awarded for foul language and unneccesary roughness at the discretion of the official. Players need to keep in mind that they are playing in a community centre.

A player is allowed a maximum of 5 technical fouls for the 16 game regular season. The 6th (and ensuing) technical fouls will result in a one game suspension. EtiquetteB>

Please be respectful to community centre patrons and staff. Especially when in the hallway outside of the gym, please keep your language clean as there are children and families around.

Please ensure that you take any litter that you bring with you. Whatever you pack out, pack it back in. Recycling containers are available in the hallways to dispose of water bottles and energy drinks.

Any lost items will be left in the lost and found at the front desk of the community centre. All unclaimed items will be donated to the Salvation Army after a period of 4 weeks. Note: Use of the gymnasium is only permitted if you hold a fitness pass for the community centre or by paying the drop-in fee at the front desk. SuspensionsB>

The League Coordinator has the responsibility of handing out suspensions in the following circumstances: (1) 5 technical fouls received in the season, (2) unnecessary roughness, (3) fighting, (4) explicit language directed at officials, facility staff, or league staff. Playoof SeedingsB>

Playoff seeding is determined by points. Tiebreakers will be determined by (1) the outcome of head-to-head match-ups, then by (2) point differentials if the match-up games were split. In the odd case that the two teams are still tied, the tie will be determined by comparing total Points For vs Points Against.