ACAA Girls Basketball: Board of Directors
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Notes and Minutes:
9/30/2013 Meeting (added September 30, 2013)
ACAA 9/30/2013 Meeting 1. Schools in Attendance: a. Albuquerque Home School b. Calvary Chapel – Belen c. Christ Lutheran School d. Eastern Hills Christian e. Evangel Christian f. Legacy Academy g. Rio Grande Christian h. Sandia View Elementary 2. Schools not in Attendance a. Albuquerque Christian 3. Discussion about the future of ACAA and how to proceed for this year a. Elect an Organizational Board – 1 member representative per school i. Albuquerque Christian – (no one present) ii. Albuquerque Home School – Gina Beauchamp (temporarily until AHSA decides) iii. Calvary Chapel – Belen – Adrian Guest iv. Christ Lutheran School – Mark Von Soosten v. Eastern Hills Christian – Nancy vi. Evangel Christian – Eric Gilbert vii. Legacy Academy – Marianne Billy viii. Rio Grande Christian – David Minter ix. Sandia View Elementary – Dianne Gurule b. Elect Officers i. Director – David Minter (Rio Grande Christian Academy) – Unanimous vote ii. Treasurer – Marianne Billy (Legacy Academy) – Unanimous Vote c. Updates handbook or set of bylaws, the League Director will work on having an updated copy before the next board meeting d. Research what is needed to formally organize and get setup with tax id and bank account e. Unanimous vote - 2013-2014 the league will be funded by a $50.00 fee for each team participating in each sport. These funds will be collected by the Treasurer and Sports Director. These funds will be used to pay for trophies, medals, and other tournament cost. In the case of extra funds those funds will be disbursed in the following manner: i. Ensure that the school hosting the tournament has enough funds to pay all the referee fees. Funds from the gate collection should first be used to pay the referee fees, and then any additional needs may come from the sports fees. ii. Remaining funds will be split amongst the Sports Director and League Director, 60% - 40% respectively. iii. Gate Fees for ACAA competition and tournament will be: 1. $3.00 for adults 2. $1.00 for students 3. $5.00 for a family cap (immediate family, unless host school allows extended family) 4. Review Fall Sports a. Volleyball i. Sport Director: David Minter (RGCA) ii. Tournament Dates and Gym: 1. 10/8 - A Division @ CCA Belen & C Division @ RGCA, 2. 10/10 – A & C Finals @ CCA Belen iii. Present Temporary Brackets and explain final results will not be available until Saturday iv. Awards, RGCA will ordered but we need to make sure those schools participating pay their $50.00 team fee b. Golf i. Sport Director: Mark Von Soosten (CLS) ii. Awards, CLS has ordered but we need to make sure those schools participating pay their $50.00 team fees 5. Winter Sports a. Girls Basketball i. Sport Director: Nancy (EHCA) ii. Starting Date: 10/21/2013 iii. Last Game Date: 12/6/2013 iv. Tournament Dates: 12/9 - 13 v. Tournament Gym: AHSA and Legacy vi. A Division Teams: AHSA, ACS, CLS, LA – each team will play each other three times vii. B Division Teams: AHSA, ACS, CLS, SVE, EHCA – each team will play each other two times b. Boys Basketball i. Sport Director: Marianne Billy (Legacy) ii. Scheduling Date: 12/3/2013 6:00 PM at Legacy Church on Central iii. Starting Date: 1/13/2014 iv. Last Game Date: 3/7/2014 v. Tournament Dates: 3/10/2014 – 3/13/2014 6. Spring Spots a. Track i. Sport Director needed ii. Tentative Schedule for meets: 4/5, 4/12, 4/26, 5/3