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Walbridge Corner 2020

Tonight’s B2 Carmel Hockey by the Highways is brought to you in part by Lewis Wagner LLP, Attorneys at Law.  Though several of these attorneys supposedly play hockey in our league, none of them are on our team.  Despite this, they were kind enough to buy us new jerseys.  In their dapper new sweaters, America’s team, the Black Cougars, faced the Red Raiders in tonight’s featured matchup.


The Cougars came out with some new found authority when Fazio scored from a Peters pass from behind the goal line in the corner at 17:36.  Speedy Meachum didn’t wait that long to tie it, scoring 38 seconds later on his normal coast to coast play.  What it must feel like to not be in slow motion.  The Raiders finished the first period scoring a little over a minute later, with Rogers from Hennessy.  2-1, Raiders.


The Cougars could have used some legal services, as the refs seemed to be tilting the ice.   Penalties were 4-1 for the game, favoring the dirty Cougars.  I did get elbowed in the head by one of the good and fast doctors in the league, and I went full yard sale to be sure the ref caught it.  As I skated back to the bench, he said it was just a collision.  Add it to the concussion pile.  


At 20:44 of the second period, Cheslock made one of the highlight moves of the season, sweeping around several defenders and eventually the sprawling goalie to tie it at 2.  Then, at 16:51, Posipanka gave the Raiders the lead back on a breakaway.  This one was my assist, as Nelson tried the dangerous through the middle breakout pass.  I got a piece of it with my stick, but it bounced perfectly to James in full stride from center ice in a shootout style breakaway.  The Cougars’ Captain Fazio then scored his 2nd from Goff at 3:15 to tie it up, 3-3.


At 15:20 in the third, I finally ended my scoring drought after a nice feed from Fairchild.  I was all alone in the slot, but the pass bounced off a defender, probably Spahr, and I had to catch it in my skate.  The goalie was down, guarding the near post, and I almost kicked it too hard, as it was going in the crease towards the empty net.  I reached for it though for the tap in.  Of course, that meant Meachum time again within a minute from Farell and Posipanka.  Posipanka continued his big night with a second goal a couple minutes later, from Big Elbows Murphy, making it 5-4 Raiders.  


With just under 10 minutes left, Fairchild launched a shot from the point.  I was parked in front, and I didn’t see that it was a head hunter until it whizzed past the defender’s shoulder.  I had a fraction of a second to react, and I turned my head to the right.  Luckily, I wear my dad’s old helmet, and it is a good one with nice ear protection.  Puck hit the ear part, and I went down, mostly out of shock.  Everyone was kind of checking on me, but the puck bounced right to the far post where Belliveau was properly positioned to slam the puck in the net, 5-5.  


The Cougars finished the unthinkable by winning the game at the 4:36 mark on a beautiful goal by Peters, with the Fairchild set-up.  Hegg took a penalty tonight, which wasn’t credited properly, but it really wasn’t a penalty.  It brings up a theory of mine.  Goalie takes a penalty, you win the game.  Potash originally started me thinking about this theory.  60% of the time, it works every time.


The Cougars win!  The Cougars win!




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