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E. B. GALLARDO  Ethnography  
New York City Dominican Republic
Vitilla, The Dominican Game: Exhibition took place Saturday June 20th
Experience vitilla, the street ball game that makes Dominicans some of the best baseball players in the world!  Vitilla is played with a palo de escoba (broom handle) and a vitilla (5 gallon water bottle top). Playing vitilla improves hand-eye coordination. Vitillas float and spin and fly in the air like crazy little knuckleballs.  They are awesome for learning to hit a curveball. Curated by yours truly, Liz B. Gallardo,  the vitilla exhibition is part of the Bronx Summer Fest.  A block party celebration of Dominican culture and the South Bronx, the line-up includes stickball, art, children's games, and live bachata.  Free and fun for the whole family.  Get your street ball groove on.  Come out and watch Dominican ballplayers in action. Hear their stories.  Learn how to play vitilla and how to turn a broom handle into a wicked bat.  Let’s get a game going on! ¡Nos vemos en el play!  See you on the field! When: Saturday June 20, 2015.  4pm-8pm.  Vitilla and stickball begin at 5:30pm.
Where: 1303 Louis Niné Blvd, Bronx NY. Featuring BASL players Manny Angeles + Oliver Vasquez. Take the 2 or the 5 train to Freeman Street. Co-curated by Elizabeth A. Burbach Gallardo, Folklorist Elena Martínez, and stickball master Richard Mojica.    Co-presented by WHEDco, The Bronx Music Heritage Center (BMHC) and City Lore.

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